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Through the years, Busi has dealt intensively with the history of Hebrew books, compiling catalogues of ancient books and analyzing the typography work within the framework of Hebrew literature.

Busi’s doctoral dissertation, Libri e scrittori nella Roma ebraica del medioevo (1990), discussed the cultural workshop in medieval Jewish Rome, studying the materials, the circulation, and the use of this literary production. It also contains the catalog of all the Hebrew manuscripts copied in Rome between the 13th and 14th centuries.

Busi published the catalogue of the printed Hebrew books of the 16th century in the Italian district of Emilia Romagna (Edizioni ebraiche del XVI secolo nelle biblioteche dell’Emilia Romagna, 1987), which has been considered an important step toward a revaluation of the European collection of Hebraica. Together with Simonetta Bondoni Pastorio, Busi edited a volume dedicated to the Jewish culture in Emilia Romagna (Cultura ebraica in Emilia Romagna, 1987), in which he also wrote an essay on Hebrew printing in that district since the invention of the printing press up to modern times.

In 1992, Busi published a monograph on Anania Coen, with the first exhaustive research on this important figure of Italian Judaism in modern times. (Anania Coen. Editore e letterato ebreo tra Sette e Ottocento. Con gli Annali della tipografia ebraica di Reggio Emilia, 1992).

Also in this field he published three volumes containing the scientific catalogue of the printed books and the kabbalistic manuscripts belonging to the important Library of the Jewish Community of Mantua (Libri ebraici a Mantova. I. Le edizioni del XVI secolo nella biblioteca della Comunità ebraica, 1996; Libri ebraici a Mantova. II. Le edizioni del XVII, XVIII e XIX secolo nella biblioteca della Comunità ebraica, 1997; Catalogue of the Kabbalistic Manuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Community of Mantua, 2001)