For over twenty years, I have been curating exhibitions of history and art.
Beyond the confines of books, where words meet images,
my commitment is to revive the testimonies of the past
so that visitors can see history with their own eyes.


Il Rinascimento parla ebraico
The Renaissance speaks Hebrew

The Mantua of Mantegna, Vittore Carpaccio and Venice, the Tuscany of Sassetta, the Rome of Raffaello, the Ferrara of Cosmè Tura and Ludovico Mazzolino. The itinerary of the exhibition is full of paintings and visual suggestions. The great Renaissance painters are fascinated by Hebrew and Judaism, and put their passion before our eyes. The MEIS wants to take you, however, beyond the images. We want to show you the personal relationships and the social dimension that made the creative miracle of the Renaissance possible. We are going to explore the cities. Synagogues, where people pray and study. The streets, where Jews live side by side with the rest of the population. Or where, as in the case of the Venice ghetto, in 1516, they began to be confined to a particular neighbourhood. We also want to talk about gender relations and the Jewish female world. We will meet Jewish women who copy manuscripts, or who actively participate in economic life. Women who are experts in medicine, officially licensed, or entrepreneurs, active and respected.

Ferrara (Italy)
Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah
12 April - 22 September 2019


Gerusalemme di Lettere
Jerusalem of Letters

The Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio Museum displays a sea of books. They are novels by Israeli writers as well as poems and scholarly texts, written in Hebrew and translated into Italian and turned into sculptures by Italian artists.

Castiglione delle Stiviere (Italy)
6 September - 29 November 2015
exhibition curated by David Palterer, Anita Friedman, Giulio Busi and Silvana Greco


Manova e la Qabbalah /
Mantua und die Kabbalah / Mantua and the Kabbalah

Berlin, Neue Synagoge Berlin – Centrum Judaicum
16. November – 14. Dezember 2000

Mantova, Palazzo della Ragione
2-30 settembre 2001

New York, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò (New York University) – Center for Jewish History
March 4th – 29th, 2002 

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